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Exclusive Facilities

At SRWS, we aim to develop the overall personality of children by exposing them to various competitive situations. Thus, we ensure that children take part in Intra and Inter School competitions. Our effort is also directed towards developing their technogical skills and to boost this talent. We have introduced Educom smart class for every class apart from exposure to computer learning and its operations.

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All the classrooms are spacious and well ventilated. Each classroom has digital Boards, Speakers, broad benches comfortable seating along with other facilities needed for the students.




The School is located in a peaceful area off Swami Vivekananda Road, Andheri (West). It is a three storied structure with spacious well ventilated rooms and a central ground. It is fully equipped to house around 2500 students with space for indoor games, assemblies, lectures, auditorium and co-curricular activity rooms.



Interactive Learning Methods using Digital Aids from Educomp Smartclass

Our school is equipped and adapted to audio visual aid based interactive learning methods from Educomp Smartclass. With its engaging animations, colours, music, sounds and voice our classes provide faster and accurate understanding of the concept in class and helps improve the overall academic performance of students. Teachers are able to keep students engaged in the learning process and also get an instant and accurate assessment of learning outcomes achieved at the end of the class.



Science Laboratory

As is warranted in any good institution of learning, pride of place is accorded to the Laboratory. It ensures that practical knowledge is placed on an equal footing with theoretical knowledge in development of scientific outlook. We have carefully designed our science laboratory to suit specific subject needs of physics, chemistry and biology.  We also have separate Maths Lab and English Lab.




Books are life-long friends. Cultivating this friendship from a very young age is imperative to the growth of any student. SRWS possesses a well endowed Library that caters to diversity of interests among children. It is managed by well trained Librarians. Students are encouraged to read, both in the reading room (which is a part of the Library) and also by issuing books regularly for home reading.



Computer aided education

The school has state of art computer laboratory with several PCs and is also equipped with LCD projector. Keeping pace with the rapid changes in computer technology, IT education is given priority and both teachers and students are exposed to computer education. Our computer laboratory not only provides excellent opportunity to learn and master skills from the basic to the advanced levels of computers, but also helps students to learn other subjects in depth and prepare for projects.



Special coaching in sports

SRWS attaches great significance to all round development of students. Physical well being is a very important part of student’s life at SRWS. Facilities are provided for both indoor and outdoor games. Major popular sports and games are planned and specialized coaching by expert coaches is provided. Students are encouraged to participate in inter school events.




Our auditorium and the school hall is the place where we hold our assembly lecture sessions, functions and training & development programs. This hall has a seating capacity of about 600 students.




Students and parents can take advantage of professional guidance and counseling facility which is available in the School.

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